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FAQ about Julie Gray

Lately I have been getting a great number of emails and Facebook messages asking more about me, how I am, why I am in Israel and what I am doing when I am not talking about the current situation. I am one of those nutters who adores and makes friends with just about every human I meet and I’ve traveled quite a bit and it’s wonderful… but lately, I can’t keep up. SO HELLO WORLD, I LOVE YOU TOO :)

In particular, thank everyone who has sent me very sweet messages thanking me for a particular post that was helpful to them. I try to reply as quickly as I can. But sometimes – well, think of this as that dreaded holiday newsletter ;)

Why I am in Israel?

That’s a long story but I came here in 2012. Read much more here.

What I am doing?

I direct the Tel Aviv Writer’s Salon and have recently begun to add Transformative Writing Workshops to help people deal with the despair, fear and isolation of trauma.

I work with novelists and screenwriters to story edit and review their work to make sure it’s as perfect as can be before they submit to agents and publishers.

I work with Israeli start up companies and accelerator programs to help articulate and communicate tech innovation for presentations and meetings.

I created a Facebook Page about the current situation in Israel called Truth & Beauty in Wartime to provide a go-to source of diverse, credible information and personal accounts.

I blog for the Huffington Post, The Times of Israel and Script Magazine.

What is it like in Israel generally?


What is it like in Israel at the moment?


How do I feel about the situation in Gaza?

Heartbroken and scared. But hopeful that we can find a new way through this.

What is coming next?

I am working on a memoir about having moved from Hollywood to the Middle East. I am reading books voraciously. I am trying to find equilibrium and meaning and to stay busy. Which is not proving hard. Not that last bit, anyway. :)