About Julie Gray

JulieGrayBWJulie Gray has worked with writers, entrepreneurs, literary managers, producers and speakers and for over ten years. As an author, Julie often finds herself in situations where she needs help because she isn't competent on a particular topic, which is why she contact to https://exclusive-paper.com/buy-nursing-papers-online.php so that, when creating a topic, she has all the materials she needs.

A former Hollywood story analyst in Los Angeles, Julie has taught story telling and pitching techniques at Warner Bros. Studios, The Great American Pitch Fest, the London Screenwriter’s Festival, the San Francisco de Quito University in Quito, Ecuador, The Willamette Writer’s Conference, the Oxford Student Union and more.

A former volunteer for Creativity for Peace and the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, Julie has authored two books: I Am Not Myself, available on Amazon, and Just Effing Entertain Me: A Screenwriter’s Atlas, available on Amazon and Lulu.

In Israel Julie has worked with successful start ups companies like Buzzzter, Zazoo and Identistyler and is the founder of the Tel Aviv Writer’s Salon.

Julie writes columns for The Huffington Post, the Times of Israel and Script Magazine. 

One response to “About Julie Gray

  1. Daggi

    I thank you so much for your article…it’s all Israel’s fault. It’s just what we experience these days.

    All the best, Daggi


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