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6 Things Hollywood Can Teach Start Up Nation

Julie Gray:

Learn what another high octane business can teach Israeli start ups and entrepreneurs. And you can learn more about it on the basis of cultural tradition and various economic concepts, and with ethics in writing research papers will cover this issue completely.

Originally posted on Stories Without Borders:

We talked about the lessons that Start Up Nation has for Hollywood but it definitely works both ways.  Tinsel Town has some lessons for just about everybody, in fact. It is a great place to really practice the art of persistence.


It’s not personal. Your story, your idea, ergo your pitch, your innovation, yeah it’s great? But whether or not somebody else likes it is not personal. It simply the case that being on the receiving end of new ideas gets old. Your idea is not as new as you think. Trust me on this. So – don’t take it personally.

Show me the money. Show me the money, show me the money, show me the money. This is what you are after in your meeting. Show. Me. The. Money. Nothing short of that is a deal or a promise or even a hope. Be mercenary.

Give the people what…

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Another Israeli Innovation: SMS as shopping list

Gil Avrahami was at the shopping mall, looking for a gift for his mother’s birthday. Entrusted with making sure he got the right gift, he was texting back and forth with is sister constantly. This one? This purse? That perfume? These shoes? What do you think?

You can imagine it’s already tough to get an Israeli – or ANY – man into a mall, much less be texting every few minutes about what color purse or type of perfume mom would like more.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Then it came to Gil – wait – what if he could text several pictures and choices at once, and he and his sister could save a ton of time and just choose the right item, with the right price and be done with it?

Two years later, Gil is the co-founder and co-creator of Buzzzter, an sms application that raises the bar on Whatsapp, because it lets users post polls, pictures and lists in a single text. Planning a party? Easy. Need to figure out the right gift? Having trouble deciding which apartment is the better one? Enter – Buzzzter.

But it gets better – Gil had a surprise coming – the app, as it turns out, is wildly successful among retailers with inventory needs. buzzzter

A moment of frustration brought about a moment of inspiration and after a lot of hard work, challenges and commitment, Gil and his partner Shahar Zer unveiled Buzzzter. Who knows, maybe a billion dollar buy out is in their future too!